Monday, January 9, 2012

Born Again Fundamentalist Trickery

Exposé # 1

Copyright Norman Bigelow January 2012

Born Again Fundamentalist Trickery

To communicate with the Bride of Christ (church) is a switch from direct inner communication with Christ to indirect communication with humans who are acting in the name of the divine. Direct communication is your spiritual right. In magic this is known as a switch. They are acting (pretending) to be the mediator or medium between you and god.

When they can’t answer a question or want to win their point they say well god tells me this is true. So what it really comes down to is their intuition verses your’s and you are wrong if you don’t agree. Never give up your personal insight to any medium Christian or otherwise.

These hacks say Jesus will return and put all non Christians in a fiery hell. Would a loving savior really do that? Who would put a kindly Buddhist Monk or Nun in the fires of hell. Oh! wait we know what kind of people do criminal disgusting acts like that, look at Tibet. Can this Bride be an imposter?

If you are trapped in these séance parlors called a church and don’t believe a little old lady will be dammed just because she is of another faith trust that small voice within because the history of the Bride is years of fraud in the name of god.

Often she does not obey the same rules or her own laws in arguments as she dishes them out. Often one defense of that kind of religion is well we are good people. So what. When one says other people are good people but believe different they say these people can’t go to heaven.

This is not a teaching of a loving god it is the doctrine of a corrupt Bride or a bunch of people who imagine they have the power of god and we should all bend our knee to them. Many religions use this “LOW LIFE method to gain power, beef up their bank accounts and use good people to hide behind.

Good people like my Aunt or mother were trapped in this fraudulent man made plane of consciousness. My mother spent years in the Baptist church and my aunt was a life long Pentecostal. They were wonderful women and I love them dearly but they would have been just as wonderful had they been Buddhist , Hindu or Jewish.

She the church made her own religion and even altered the Holy Books to fit her game of world conquest just like many of the Roman conquers. She gained power from being ruthless through out history. She and her arrogant gospel preachers have brought about the backlash she is now facing. She makes as many communist and atheist as she does Christians. The bottom line is people are rally tired of being used in the name of god, any god.

She the Church has had the largest hand in driving this country to the place we are at now because the, “I Am God Spell” has worn off and now she has to learn she is not the almighty and she has done much harm in the world.

Don’t let these fraudulent mediums convince you there is no other place to go. There are many good religious, spiritual groups or cults out there.

Do you know the real definition of a cult is? It is always the other guys religion. It is not Christ, Jesus or Christianity it is just all the man created fraud and altering of the Bible that many object to.

I remember reading about some Bible students on a retreat at a location below a dam. It was raining hard and the Army Core of Engineers sent someone to warn them to get out of there. They said god would take care of them.

Being blunt I would never want these idiots in charge of anyone in my family.

The dam let go and when all was done and over one Bible student was dead.

At the funeral a Bible student said; we don’t understand but let thy will be done not mine. I have heard the same nonsense when someone was killed because they were driving drunk. Did it ever occur to these people the warning from the army might have been gods will or not driving drunk is gods will? This is not all happening because of gods will, it happens because god gave us free will.

And as far as these fool dooms day prophets and Revelations they are ALL scam artist. If the world ends in disaster it will not be the will of god it will be the folly of man! Even if the world ends that way it will prove nothing as dooms day prophets have been wrong every time for centuries and if it happens it will be a lucky guess that all mediums depend on. After every war these scam artist sell their books with their theories and make good money and then the world does not end.

I love it when born again Christians say, when Noah’s Ark is found it will prove us right. It won’t prove them right it will prove the writers or writer of the Old Testament was right before anyone ever heard of born again con jobs. Many religions take credit for other peoples works.

I will never forget what a Church of Christ minister once told me. He said this is like a ship and if it starts off a few degrees off when it arrives it will be off many degrees. Then he proceeded to teach all other religions are wrong even many other Christian religions. I asked him if he studied other religions? He replied “No.” So I asked him how he knew all other religions were all wrong and he said god tells him. So this is where the blind get trapped. What he is saying is he trust his inner feelings not yours. I say that is the teaching of a fool.

In any other field than religion if you said all others were wrong and you did not need to know what they teach you would be considered totally ignorant.

Then he said; “Norman it is not what the Bible says to me that is so important it is what it says to you that is so important.” So I left that brainwashing outfit never to return.

I know why people go to church, want a spiritual family and live a good life. But if there are lies and no trust there is no point. Your intuition is just as good and perhaps better than these preachers.

Gandhi said the following about Christians and there are good reasons why he said this. It was Christian missionaries who have no respect for anyone’s beliefs but their own and terms like heathens.

“I like your Christ. I do not like your Christians. They are so unlike your Christ.” Gandhi

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